Payment scams and the fraudsters who perpetrate them are everywhere. And as we speed up payments, the ability to send money from one account to another in near real-time, there’s a lot to like for users. And for fraudsters.

Scammers love it when they convince us to send them money from our own accounts. This is called authorized push payment fraud and it is a growing problem.

To shed light on APP fraud, its impact, and some approaches to detecting fraudster coercion and the misdirected payments it causes, join Glenbrook’s George Peabody and PJ Rohall, Fraud Subject Matter Expert at Featurespace, a fraud management software company. PJ is also the co-founder of About Fraud.Com, a community site for the fraud management industry.

In this episode George and PJ discuss the growth of APP fraud, the range of scam types, and a few techniques to detect and deter it. You’ll hear him describe examples of the impact APP fraud has caused on individuals, many least able to weather this kind of financial damage. Psychological damage is real.

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Financial health and inclusion in the US remain as major concerns  and challenges for the nation, the millions who struggle with access to affordable financial services, and payments experts focused in this arena.

Join Glenbrook's Erin McCune and Justin Pituch as they speak with a recent panel of expert practitioners in the financial health space: Kimberley Gartner, Arjan Schutte, and Ryan Falvey. 

Kimberley is Chief Growth Officer at Canary, a company that helps businesses establish emergency relief funds for their employees. Arjan and Ryan both work in the venture capital space; Arjan leads Core Innovation Capital and Ryan heads up Financial Venture Studio.

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