In this wide ranging Payments on Fire® episode featuring gateway provider NMI, you’ll hear how payment industry roles continue to evolve as tech and consumer preferences change. Topics covered include:

  • The evolution of touchless payments from QR to Tap on Phone NFC transactions
  • What a gateway does
  • How a white label provider sells and who uses its services
  • What an ISV needs to think about when considering the role of payments facilitator
  • COVID-19’s impact on merchant and consumer payments

Take a listen to this conversation with Kyle Pexton, president and CFO of NMI and Nick Starai, NMI’s Chief Strategy Officer as they talk with Glenbrook’s George Peabody about the arrival of the NextGen ISO and how NMI is helping them, their bank customers, ISVs, and VARs get SMBs into payments acceptance.

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Fast payments will move the US payments market. But to get there, we need fintech to expose those capabilities. Zelle, the RTP Network, Same Day ACH, push to card, and eventually FedNow all need providers that connect up to those rails. For an enterprise or its software developers, a single integration to all sure would be easier. In this Payments on Fire® episode featuring Dwolla, you’ll hear:

  • A practitioner’s view of how ACH and RTP differ and are being used?
  • Why B2B digital payments are growing and what you need to know what’s enabling that growth
  • Learn what a provider must do to bring multiple payment systems to its enterprise customers. It isn’t simple

Take a listen to this conversation with Dwolla’s Brady Harris and Adam Steenhard as they talk about realtime access to fast payments (and more) with Glenbrook’s Elizabeth McQuerry and George Peabody.

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