• Curious about how fast payments systems like Zelle, the RTP Network, and FedNow work?
  • Many fast payments use cases aren’t about speed. Find out why.
  • Fast payment systems are national “must haves” around the world.

Take a listen to this conversation with Glenbrook’s Elizabeth McQuerry and ACI Worldwide’s Craig Ramsey.

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Glenbrook’s fintech payment series continues with this look at Veem in a deep convo with Marwan Forzley, CEO.

  • Curious about how fintechs solve client problems?
  • Fintechs aren’t just about payments; they blend commerce enablement into their offerings
  • The payment solution that solves the data problems - as well as moves the money - provides the most benefit to the customer
  • Did you know that fintechs don’t do anything new? They just do it better.

Take a listen to George and Veem’s CEO Marwan Forzley as they talk about how Veem built its international payment network for small and medium business (SMB) customers. Listen to Marwan describe the commerce services and integrations Veem has done to drive traffic over the network.

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